Lutheran Campus Ministry Network (LuMin) is a network of inclusive faith communities celebrating God’s love and grace on or near the campuses of over 230 colleges and universities across the United States.

Rooted in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we celebrate our identity while exploring partnerships with other traditions, and welcoming people from any faith background, or no faith background at all.

LuMin sites are served by campus ministry staff members who are theologically trained, credentialed, and well-grounded in ministry with young adults an in higher education.

As ministry in a college setting, Lutheran Campus Ministry Network continues the church’s commitment to young adults who grew up in Lutheran congregations, welcoming them and students of other backgrounds.  We journey with them as they are searching, learning and discovering God’s love and call in their lives.

LuMin engages students in activities, events and projects that help them grow as people of faith, and help them shape the world around them.  Here is just a small sale of what is happening on campuses across the country:

Building Community

  • Student dinners after worship
  • Mid-week evening prayer
  • Weekend Retreats at a nearby camp
  • Picnics, hiking, and outdoor events

Deepening Faith

  • Exploring Lutheran teachings in daily life
  • Bible study on weekly gospel readings
  • Peer ministry training and leadership
  • Worship and music leadership

Expanding Minds

  • Discussions about social justice issues
  • Small group discussions with Muslim students
  • Seder dinner with Jewish organizations
  • Exploring ethical issues in science and medicine

Inspiring Service

  • Knitting hats to donate to Seafarers
  • Framing walls with Habitat for Humanity
  • Tutoring and mentoring at-risk children
  • Feeding guests through a homeless program


Region 1: Jon Lund (term expires in 2020)
Region 2: Jeff Johnson (term expires in 2021)
Region 3: Rachel Nelson (term expires in 2020)
Region 4: Jamie Bouzard (term expires in 2019)
Region 5: Ben Adams (term expires in 2012)
Region 6: Robert Abner (term expires in 2020)
Region 7: Kari Jo Verhulst (term expires in 2019)
Region 8: Laura Sinche (term expires in 2021)
Region 9: Jennifer Manis (term expires in 2019)


Jon Lund, President
Laura Sinche, Recorder
Ben Adams, Treasurer
Don Romsa, ELCA Staff, Lutheran Campus Ministry