The Lutheran Campus Ministry Research Project is a multi-phase study exploring the characteristics and practices of faithful, effective, and sustainable Lutheran campus and young adult ministries, given the real-life sensibilities of students, ongoing changes in higher education, and current cultural realities. The study began with an extensive literature review in late 2016, continued with site visits and interviews on campuses across the United States in early 2017, and is exploring the perspectives of students with a nationwide survey in late 2017.

PHASE 1: Literature Review (Fall 2016)

See the results of the literature review in the brief summary and annotated bibliography below:

LCM Research Project-Literature Review Summary

LCM Research Project-Annotated Bibliography

PHASE 2: Site Visits and Interviews (Winter 2017)

We visited six university campuses in different regions of the country: Oregon State University, University of Arizona – Tucson, University of Texas – Austin, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, and Syracuse University. At each of these sites, we conducted six in-person interviews with the campus minister, a university staff/faculty person, a ministry board member, an area pastor, and two students.

See the results of the six site visits, which included 36 interviews:

LCM Research Project – Site Interviews Report

PHASE 3: Nationwide Survey of Campus Ministry Participants (Fall 2017)

The student participant survey will launch in October 2017, and we need the help of all campus ministers to make this successful! We will distribute the survey link to you and ask you to pass it on to your student participants.