Region 1: John Lund (term expires in 2020)
Region 2: Greg Schaefer (term expires in 2018)
Region 3: Rachel Nelson (term expires in 2020)
Region 4: Jamie Bouzard (term expires in 2019)
Region 5: Ben Adams (term expires in 2018)
Region 6: Robert Abner (term expires in 2010)
Region 7: Kari Jo Verhulst (term expires in 2019)
Region 8: Alicia Anderson (term expires in 2018)
Region 9: Jennifer Manis (term expires in 2019)


Kari Jo Verhulst, President
Alicia Anderson, Recorder
Ben Adams, Treasurer
Don Romsa, ELCA Staff, Lutheran Campus Ministry

The Board of LuMin has identified the following three Action Teams:


Communications: ALICIA ANDERSON As we build a meaningful network for campus ministry, communication helps us develop relationships, share ideas and resources, and learn what is happening in campus ministry. This team will share the responsibilities and duties of newsletters, website, emails for communication among campus ministry staff and sites, as well as the wider church.

Relating to Key Networks: KATHY FICK Lutheran Campus Ministry will continue to relate to other parts of the church with liaisons in varied areas. We will continue to have board members and interested staff relate to the following groups: Youth Ministry, Outdoor Ministry, Gap Year/Life in Service, Advocacy, Youth Gathering, Lay School for Ministry, Seminaries, ELCA Colleges and Universities, World Hunger and Domestic Hunger, Living Lutheran, Interfaith Relationships, Mission Investment Fund / ELCA Foundation, Christian Education Network & Federal Chaplaincy Ministry, etc.


Staff Conference: BRAD FUERST  Our 2017 conference will be in Austin, Texas! Come join this fun, hard-working team as we develop the next conference “soup to nuts.”

Regional Development: KARLA NEUMANN SMILEY  It’s time to redevelop our Quadrennial Review resources, Best Practices, Policies and Procedures, etc. Each of our regions has resources to spend: how best should we invest our time and money?


New Staff Onboarding: DON ROMSA (ELCA)  A new call is exciting but often daunting—let’s help our colleagues get started well with this annual event and mentorship along the way.

Resources: JEFF SCHACHT The LuMin network offers the opportunity to learn and grow from one another. Well-seasoned practitioners are versed in a variety of proven practices. Staff more recently on board bring ideas and possibilities from new perspectives. Help build an accessible repository of resources that support our mission of ministering on or near campus.



The Communications focus group has established the following areas of concern: (1) development of a student referral system and web presence; (2) awareness of Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA); (3) use of social media; (4) development of a useful and effective newsletter as a tool among LCM staff; (5) connecting LuMin/Lutheran Campus Ministry Network,, with; and (6) developing new reporting tools.

Alicia Anderson:


The Administration focus group is tasked with reviewing and addressing the administrative machinery that keeps the engine of campus ministry moving smoothly and in a coordinated way. We won’t actually be the administrators. Think of us as a coordinating team that learns what’s needed to make our work as a campus ministry network efficient, effective, and integrated. We’ll be looking at policies, best practices, relationships within the structure of the ELCA and elsewhere, what financial resources there are and how they’re doled out, and more. It may not sound like scintillating work, but it is necessary. Join us if you care about a structure the supports the work we do together.


This focus group will examine and evaluate the variety of funding sources for Lutheran Campus Ministry sites, and explore new and creative ways to develop and access financial resources.

Kathy Fick:


The Interfaith/Ecumenical focus group will pay attention to Lutheran Campus Ministry’s relationships with other denominations, and ways we relate to other faith groups on our campuses and beyond. We hope to catalog what formal and informal relationships exist among us, and identify best practices for such. We will also work on expressing how our Lutheran theology and spirituality shapes our ways of engagement.

Kari Jo Verhulst:


Our concern for a “continuum of care” for God’s children leads us to actively seek opportunities for connecting youth ministry with campus ministry.  This focus group will coordinate a campus ministry presence at the 2018 Youth Gathering in Houston, TX; facilitate interaction between the LuMin/LCM Network and the Youth Ministry Network; and offer guidance to local campus ministries on staying connected with Synod and/or Regional youth ministry events.

Chris Heavner:


Now that the Lutheran Student Movement-USA has been re-energized and reorganized by ELCA Regions, this group is working to find a way to support and encourage them. Our goals include the support of a national alternative spring break option, and the continuation of the new LSM National Gathering in Chicago over the New Year weekend.

Zach Parris:


This focus group will seek to review and revise existing LCM program resources, develop new resources, and provide easy access to the resources by LCM staff.


Initially, this focus group asked the question, “Should Lutheran Campus Ministries continue to take part in Quadrennial Reviews?”  It is the strong recommendation of our focus group that every Lutheran Campus Ministry should continue to participate in the Quadrennial Review process.  Our next task is to consider what changes should be made to the Quadrennial Review process to make it less cumbersome and more helpful.  We also are looking at the make-up of the Quadrennial Review teams.