2017 – 2018 Regional Spotlight Info

Starting in September 2017, we will feature stories from campus ministry sites in one region each month.  We will work our way around the country, learning about what our colleagues are up to, some programs at local sites, and some of the ways our diverse and creative community is serving God as well as caring for students and others.

Below you will find the 2017 – 2018 schedule and some details.  Make plans to share a story for your region’s designated month!

Contact Alicia Anderson ara2@psu.edu with questions.

Regional Spotlight Schedule for 2017 – 2018  

It’s not too early to start thinking about what you’d like to share when it is your region’s turn for the Regional Spotlight!  We want to hear about the ministry that is taking place in your ministry site!  Joys or challenges, new adventures or long-standing programs, surprises or sorrows . . . you pick!  Really, we welcome anything you believe your colleagues and others who care about campus ministry will want to hear about.

LCM Network Board members in each region will be coordinating this project.  We ask that articles are about 200 words (and not much more), and we welcome a photo or other image that helps tell the story. Remember, the deadline is the 15th of the previous month,but it is never too early to send something in!  You can email Alicia Anderson at ara2psu@gmail.com.


September 2017 – Region 4
October 2017 – Region 5
November 2017 – Region 6
December 2017 – Region 7
January 2018 – Region 8

February 2018 – Region 9
March 2018 – Region 1
April 2018 – Region 2
May 2018 – Region 3